Anne Kuske
Room: 265
Phone: 262-472-8221

Why Whitewater? This is my 33rd year of teaching English, Speech, and Acting at Whitewater High School, and I can honestly say that I have never wanted to leave the district. The students' enthusiasm, kindness, and humor keep me young; administrators and staff inspire me to grow as a teacher and support me both professionally and personally; parents have been more than willing to work as partners in the education of their children, and the community--with its university--has created an environment in which education is valued. I feel extremely fortunate to work in the place I do with the people I do.

The courses I teach at WHS include AP English Literature & Composition, English 10, Speech, Intro to Acting, and two dual-credit PIE courses: Human Communication 110 and English 101.  (Students in these PIE courses earn both high school credit and college credit.)  I also teach several online courses through JEDI.  

Besides teaching, I serve on the school's Medical Emergency Team.

I earned my undergraduate degree (Secondary Education: English, Speech, & Theater) from UW-Oshkosh and my master's degree (Masters in the Teaching of English) from UW-Whitewater.
AP English Lit
English 10
English 101/AP Lit II
Intro to Technical/Workplace Communication