Mr. Randy Smith
Whitewater High School
Rooms: 104 and 144
Phone: 262-472-8273

I’m looking forward to interacting with staff, students, parents, and community members. 

Why Whitewater?
I enjoy working at Whitewater High School because of our rigorous curriculum, excellent facilities, professional staff members, great students, and small-town atmosphere.

Background Information:
I was born and raised in Fond du Lac, WI. I’ve taught business and information technology courses within our district the past 16 years. My other work experience includes being an Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Marketing Manager, and Director of Operations for retail organizations. My educational background includes a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Quality and a Master of Arts in Education.
Entrepreneurship (1st Semester)
Entrepreneurship enables students to develop an understanding of business operations and the skills necessary to become entrepreneurs. Students explore career, marketing, management, financial, and legal requirements to own and operate a small business. Students create their own businesses by choosing a business idea that is developed into a business plan throughout the semester. Students also complete online management simulations throughout Entrepreneurship. (Articulated course with Gateway Tech College)
Future Connections (1st & 2nd Semester)
Students learn the keyboarding touch method, language skills, basic Microsoft Office features, and document formatting. Students also explore career planning and begin the development of an electronic portfolio. (Articulated course with Gateway Tech College)
Personal Finance (1st & 2nd Semester)
Personal Finance focuses on using financial procedures to plan, organize, and allocate resources. Students explore and understand financial opportunities affecting their daily lives, such as exploring career opportunities, filing tax returns, using money management strategies, setting financial goals, selecting bank services, evaluating risk management, protecting credit, trading investments, and planning for retirement. (Articulated course with Gateway Tech College)
Sales and Marketing (2nd Semester)
Sales & Marketing enables students to learn techniques businesses use to meet and exceed consumer needs. Students explore economic benefits, domestic and global markets, and the sales process. Students also analyze and apply marketing research, product management, promotion, financial, entrepreneurial, and career planning strategies. (Articulated course with Gateway Tech College)
Software Academy (1st Semester)
Software Academy enables students to learn Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint functions while creating various business documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. This course also prepares students for the optional 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications. (Articulated course with Gateway Tech College)