Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I continue my language study beyond two years, even if that is all I need to get into college?

Absolutely! Don’t waste your investment of time and effort by quitting now! Language is a skill that requires continual practice. It is estimated that you lose a level of knowledge for every year you do not study the language. If you quit when you are a sophomore, you will remember very little as a senior. (Just ask your parents how much they remember of the language they haven’t used since high school!) And remember – colleges look for students who go beyond the minimum requirements.

2. Is it too late to start studying a world language as a junior or senior?

Certainly NOT! If you begin as a junior, you can still get in two years before you
graduate. If you take it as a senior, you can always continue in college – and you
will already have a head start.

3. Can I take more than one foreign language at a time?

Of course! The more the merrier! We do not recommend starting two languages
at the same time, but once you have the basics (one or two years), learning
additional foreign languages is easier than learning the first .

4. I’m afraid of taking a higher-level class. Won’t it be too hard?

Think of a ladder – although the highest rung is a long way from the ground, each rung is the same distance from the one below it. If you are getting at least a C, you have the skills you need to go on to the next level. It is no more difficult to go from French or Spanish III to IV than it is to go from level I to II.