Frequently Asked Questions

Are students required to wear PE uniforms?
Everyone must be properly dressed with appropriate shorts, t-shirt, socks, and tennis shoes.  If a student does not dress appropriately, that student still must participate.  A 3-strike policy will be enforced.  On the third strike, and every strike after that, the student will be removed from class and given a disciplinary referral for not following class rules/expectations.

Not dressing for participation will affect the student’s grade.

What is the medical policy?
Students who have a doctor-ordered medical note, which would not allow his/her participation in physical education class, should meet with his/her instructor to discuss length of the medical and make up work. If a student will be out one class period because of an injury, please have your parent write a note to your instructor or call as soon as possible.

** If you have any questions on any of the information stated above, please see your instructor immediately so we can handle your questions promptly.

If a student is absent, do they have to worry about homework/making up the class period?
YES. Not only are they responsible for all material presented and practiced that day but they may also need to make up the activity time. Every student will be awarded two FREE days per quarter. This means the student will need to talk individually with their teacher about what they missed but will not be required to make up the activity time the first two absences within the quarter. After the two absences, they are required to discuss with their teacher what their individual make up plan will be.

What is the late work policy?
We strongly encourage every student to turn in all assignments/projects/tests on time. However, we know that there are situations when students will have to hand in their work late. Our policy is for every class day your work is late, your letter grade will drop one full letter grade. This means if you are supposed to turn in (for example) a homework assignment on a Monday and you are absent then the assignment is due on Wednesday. It is YOUR responsibility to remember to turn it in for full credit. For every class day you wait after Wednesday, you will lose one full letter grade of what your work is worth. This could mean if you wait five days to hand in an assignment, you will not earn any credit for that particular assignment. Please discuss all questions and concerns with your individual teachers as needed.