Computer Programming I: Visual Basic
Computer Programming I students create event driven programs to do everything from convert temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit to play Yahtzee. Students are allowed to work at their own pace and study more gaming applications of Visual Basic when they finish the required material.

Students may download the software for free on their home computer.
 Extra Challenge

Pex for fun

Instructions for Pex Extra Credit

 Assignment Guides

Lab #1: A Simple Form

Lab #2: Temperature Converter

Lab #3: The Number Averager

Lab #4: Shooting Freethrows

Lab #5: Quiz Game

Major Project #1: Yards

Lab #6: Stopwatch

Lab #7: Movie Heaven

Lab #8: Prime Numbers

Lab #9: Guessing Game

Lab #10: Keyboarding Practice

Lab #11: Rolling Dice

Lab #12: Sorting Routines

Major Project #2: Yahtzee

 Grading Checklists & Rubrics

Grading Rubric for Labs

Major Project #1 Checklist

Major Project #2 Checklist

 Additional Information

Visual Studio 2015 Community (Free Software Download)

Visual Studio 2015 Tutorials

A Sampling of Computer Languages

Flowcharting Symbols

Object Oriented Programming

Naming Controls

Counters and Accumulators


If...Then...Else Statements

For Loops

Nested Loops




How to Play Sounds