Web Page Design
This course is intended for students with a strong interest in web page design techniques. Students must have a background in web page design or computer programming in order to enroll. The course will address a series of languages including HTML, JavaScript, and PHP. Students will use cascading style sheets as a design tool, Photoshop to edit graphics, and Dreamweaver as a WYSIWYG tool.

The Assignment List link provides a list of all course assignments in order and will help remind students how each assignment should be submitted.
 Language and Color Guides

HTML Guide

Cascading Style Sheet Guide

JavaScript Guide

W3Schools Tutorials

Andy's MySQL/PHP Tutorials

Color Guide

Color Scheme Designer

 Assignment Guide

Assignment List 

Starter Files for Labs

 Lab Instructions

Lab #1: Peter Piper - Basic HTML

Lab #2: Computer Science Courses - HTML Table Code

Lab #3: Transparency & Color Change in Graphics - Photoshop

Lab #4: Your Portfolio - Introduction to Dreamweaver

Lab #5: Willet Creek Golf Course - External Style Sheets

Lab #6: Your New Portfolio & Autobiography – Introduction to JavaScript

Lab #7: Daily Specials - Javascript Functions

Lab #8: Mark Twain - Javascript Randomness & Arrays

Lab #9: Quarterback Rating: Javascript & Forms

Lab #10: Color Change - Javascript Include Files

Lab #11: Student Data - Introduction to SQL & PHP

Lab #12: Movie Data - Merging Data from Multiple Tables

Lab #13: Movie Data II - Giving the User Options

Lab #14: Movie Data III - Live Updates

Project: Full Data-Driven Web Site

 Additional Topics

Good Layout and Design

Tips of the Trade for Good Design

20 Second Gut Test Form

Accessible Web Design Tips

Designing for Inclusion

The Internet and How it Works

File Extension Registry (Common File Extensions)

Common File Formats

Languages of Web Design


Web Browsers

Common Plug-ins

Creative Commons

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights