Computer Concepts
Want to learn a little bit about everything about computers? This is an introductory course in computer science that includes units on how a computer works, computer hardware, operating systems, networking, programming, and web design. Students in the regular classroom may be joined online by students from other schools.
 Important Links


Bubbl Brainstorming Wall


Cisco Binary Game

 Unit 1: Introduction to Computers

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants by Marc Prensky

Computer History Museum

The Journey Inside: Looking Back to See the Future

Get Me the Geeks!

Bits and Bytes Converter

UniCode Character Sets

The Journey Inside: Digital Information

Binary Game (username: onlinestudent, password: concepts)

Meet the Hexans Hexadecimal Tutorial

How Boolean Logic Works

 Unit 2: Hardware Part I

How PC's Work

Guide for Building a Computer

Unit 2 Assignments

Hardware Assembly Tutorial

Getting Wiki With It

The Journey Inside: Microprocessors

Moore's Law

Innovation That Breaks the Performance Barrier

Exaflop Supercomputer Planning Begins

Channel 3000 Gadget Guy

How Computer Memory Works

How Hard Drives Work

 Unit 3: Hardware Part II

UW creates a computer mouse driven by sound

Unit 3 Assignments

Smart Wheelchair

IBM Testing Voice-based Web

Microsoft aims to get more touchy-feely

Brain Scanners, Fingercams Take Computer Interfaces Beyond Multitouch

The Story of the Three Little Pigs

3-D Display Offers Glimpse of Future

How Laser Printers Work

How Inkjet Printers Work

 Unit 4: Operating Systems

How Operating Systems Work

What is Linux?

Sample Windows Handbook Page

 Unit 5: Networks and Ethics

Role Play Script: How a Message Travels the Network

Unit 5 Assignments

Packetville Games and Activities

The Journey Inside: The Internet

Internet 2: Full Speed Ahead

Browser Timeline

How Internet Infrastructure Works

Organizations the Control the Internet

Become Copy Smart

Fair Use and Copyright

Whitewater High School Computer Use Agreement

Norton CyberCrime

Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics

 Unit 6: Programming and Software

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Computer Programmers

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