Computer Programming II: Mobile Apps
New in the Spring of 2012, this course will introduce the Java language through the development of mobile apps for the Android platform. Students will begin by learning the basics of the Java language and then apply those skills to labs that will create applications that can be launched on a mobile phone emulator and then on an actual mobile phone. As time permits, students will be able to generate their own ideas for apps and create apps that access phone features such as GPS and movement/acceleration. Students who took the Programming II course in C++ may also take this version of the course; it will be listed on their transcripts as an independent study.
 Resources and Setup Instructions

AppInventor (MIT)

Download and Install JDK 7 on your Home Computer

Download and Install Android Studio on your Home Computer

Using your Phone Instead of an Emulator to Run your App

Using Genymotion as your Emulator within Android Studio

Android Developers Web Site

Google Play

API Levels

XML Tutorial

Android XML Specifics

Font Sizes Explained

Color Scheme Designer

Java Reference

 AppInventor Labs

AppInventor Lab #1: Sound Off

AppInventor Lab #2: Paint Pot

AppInventor Lab #3: Mole Mash

AppInventor Lab #4: Fact Check

 Java Labs

XML Layout Lab

Java Lab #1: Take Home Pay Calculator

Java Lab #2: Conversions with Seconds

Java Lab #3: Slope Calculator

Java Lab #4: Multiplication Table

Java Lab #5: Numerical Sequences

Java Lab #6: Whippet Browser

Java Lab #7: Right Triangles

Java Lab #8: Celebrations

Java Lab #9: Tic-Tac-Toe

 FlipCharts, PowerPoints, and Handouts

What is Android?

Java/Android/Eclipse Acronym Soup

Intro to Java (An Outline of an Android Class)

Spinners and Dynamically Generating Tables

For Loops

Adding a Splash Screen

Uniform Resource Identifiers

Phone Permissions

Creating a Tabbed Layout

Using Toast for a Pop-Up Message

Grading Checklist for Java Lab #8: Celebrations


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