AP Computer Science A AS (JAVA): Syllabus

The syllabus contains information on materials needed for class, a course outline, and information on how students will be graded.
AP testing takes place on a national testing date in May. Students may choose whether or not to take the test; it is not a required part of the course. AP Computer Science A covers the material from a typical first semester college programming c ... more
Each Whitewater High School student signs a computer/internet use agreement at the beginning of freshman year. Students who violate this agreement may face penalties including the loss of computer privileges. A loss of computer privileges would make ... more
This is an Advanced Placement course designed to match the rigor of an introductory college course in computer programming. Students will have regular reading assignments outside of class and will need to plan for multiple hours of lab time each wee ... more
Students are expected to be in their seats by the time the bell finishes ringing. Students will have one "free" tardy each quarter. A second tardy during the quarter will result in a 15 minute detention served with Ms. Masbruch. Any additional tardie ... more
Late work will not be accepted for written assignments, but students have more flexibility with lab due dates. All labs for a unit must be completed before the end of that unit (before the unit test) in order to receive credit.

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