PreAlgebra: Syllabus

The syllabus contains information on materials needed for class, a course outline, and information on how students will be graded.
Each Whitewater High School student signs a computer/internet use agreement at the beginning of freshman year. Students who violate this agreement may face penalties including the loss of comput ... more
Students are expected to be in their seats by the time the bell finishes ringing. Students will have one "free" tardy each quarter. A second tardy during the quarter will result in a 1 ... more
The only beverage allowed in the classroom will be clear water in a clear water bottle. No food will be allowed in the room.
Each student may use no more than one bathroom/hallway pass per week. Students may only leave the room with permission and if a teacher signs their student handbook. Students should not take their phones with them to the bathroom. Students will also ... more
The course is divided into 8 modules (2 each quarter). The entire quarter grade for each student will be based on the final percentage that the student reaches in the 2 modules for that quarter. The IC gradebook will be updated daily to reflect the s ... more
Each student will take an initial assessment which ALEKS will use to give each student credit for what they can already demonstrate they know. Each Friday (after the first week), students will take another assessment on which they will need to d ... more
On most days when students enter the room, a warm-up problem will be displayed on the board. Students are expected to immediately begin work on this problem when the bell rings. Once the warm-up problem is submitted, students are expected to immediat ... more
Each student is expected to have a notebook just for this class. Notebooks should be open and ready for use immediately each day when students log into ALEKS. Notebooks may be kept in a designated cupboard in the classroom. Every student should bring ... more
Calculators will be provided by the teacher for use in the classroom. Students may NEVER use an online Algebra calculator or web site that will solve the problems for them.

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