GED Option #2 Program
The GED Option #2 program is an alternative education program for high school students who are at-risk of not graduating high school.  Students have the chance to earn a traditional high school diploma through the successful completion of the program and graduation requirements.

Program Requirements:
  • At least 17 years old
  • At least one year behind graduating class in credits earned
  • Demonstrated ability to read and write at a 9th grade level
  • Ability to work in a self-paced learning environment
  • Strong desire to earn high school diploma
Graduation Requirements:
  • 90% attendance while in the GEDO2 program
  • Attend school and participate in GEDO2 instruction 15 hours per week (3 hours/day)
  • Employed and working at least 10 hours per week
  • Completion of Whitewater High School Graduation Portfolio
  • Completion of Whitewater High School Community Service requirements (10 hours)
  • Completion of a Health course
  • Passing score on Wisconsin Civics exam
  • Passing scores on GED tests
  • Completion of Employability Skills, Career Awareness, Financial Literacy and Digital Literacy curriculums

Contact:  Jessica Prokop, Program Coordinator 262-472-8180