Quarter 1 Journals

Journal #1—September 2, 2015 (Cell Phones)
Do you think cell phones (electronics) are a distraction in school?  Explain.
Do you personally think you will do better without having your “technology” on you?
Journal #2—September 4, 2015 (First Week)
How was the first week of school for you?
Was it what you expected?  Explain.
Journal #3—September 10, 2015
Why is it important to have good grammar skills?
i recieved the documents needed for Our meeting on Thursday what do u want me to do with them? I can email fax or mail them to you. thanks.
Good morning,
I received the documents needed for our meeting on Thursday.  What would you like me to do with them?  I can email, fax, or mail them to you .
Have a good day!
Journal #4—September 11, 2015
Tell me everything you know about Shakespeare and/or Romeo and Juliet!
Journal #5—September 17, 2015
What is the difference between a “feud” and an “argument”?  Do you know of any famous feuds?
What is the purpose of an insult? What is its impact on feuds or arguments? 
Journal #6—September 22, 2015 (Dreams)
Do you remember your dreams?  Any reoccurring dreams?  What do you think influences your dreams (why do you dream what you dream)?
Journal #7—September 29, 2015
After watching the two clips, which Romeo and Juliet could you relate to and why? Did you like one set of R&J better than the other? Why? Did watching the scenes help you understand Romeo and Juliet better?
Journal #8—October 7, 2015
Romeo is banished and Juliet is devastated.  What are their options?  What will they do?
Journal #9—October 12, 2015
Juliet is about to set Friar Lawrence’s plan in motion.  Put yourself in her shoes and think about all the fears and emotions you would have.