Ferradermis - FIRST Robotics Team #6574
Row 1: Colin Chenoweth, Joseph Creanza Row 2: Justin Brantmeier, Austin Kaja, Jonathan Mayer, Shawn Chan, Andy Vo, Jon Zheng, Jacob Korf, Zach Brantmeier, Gwynne Sahyun, Cassi Hoxie, Marina Cano, Callista Hoxie Row 3: Shane Peterson, Salvador Gomez, Wesley Salverson, Bennett Miles, Jacob Lee, Roberto Soto, Jake Walton, Megan Hartwell, Sara DeLeon, Maci Parrish, Cally Julson, Haley Hoag Row 4: Mohamed Mohamed, Dineth Gunawardena Not Pictured: Sydney Treder, Doug Henderson, Jordan Simons, Roth Wells, James Dedrick, Brandon Kehrer, Jakob Klawitter, Jon Brunner, Hailey Prager, Dan Soto, Alex Vidales, Zach Gross, Laysha Puga, Declin Anderson, Steven Witt, Gabe Schemmel, Savannah Boss, Luke Rule
Whitewater High School in conjunction with Wisconsin Makers launched a FIRST Robotics Team!

Click on "Important Dates" on the left, and check your email for details about upcoming meetings and events.

We need students with all sorts of talents!
Everyone is welcome!

Speak with Justin Brantmeier, Roberto Soto, or Ms. Masbruch

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