Brooke Hagedorn
I am completing my final semester through UW-Whitewater this Spring and I get the honor of being a student teacher right here at Whitewater High School! I am a Secondary Mathematics Education major with a Spanish minor and I am so excited to finally be in the field where I get to work with students on a daily basis .

I love math class because I see each problem as a new puzzle! People always say reading is how you exercise your brain, but many forget that math class is a brain workout just the same! You don't go to the gym and only lift weights with one side of the body, so why only work one side of your brain!?

In my off time I like to play tennis or go hiking, but during the winter months I am totally okay with reading a good book or watching a good tv series or a movie. I believe that friends and family are very important and I make sure to make time for them in my life as well. I had the amazing opportunity in the Spring of 2015 to study abroad in Seville, Spain; although my Spanish skills are not the best, I do my best to communicate in Spanish when I can.

Although I was born in New Jersey and spent the majority of my childhood in Illinois, I feel that Wisconsin has always been where I belong. My extended family is mostly in Wisconsin and even when I was living in New Jersey we had a Green Bay Packers flag outside of our door! I am thrilled that I will be working here this Spring and hope that we have a good semester together!