FFA Donkey Basketball

On the night of March 9th, Dairyland Donkey Ball brought their donkeys to town. Members of the Milton FFA, Elkhorn FFA, Whitewater FFA, and Whitewater School District competed against each other in this hilarious event. Donkey riders had to be on the back of their donkey to score points, and this was not always easy. Some of the donkeys didn’t want to move, and others were challenging for the riders to stay on. Over 600 community members showed up in support of the effort. Many attendees said they hadn’t laughed this hard in years and definitely would come back when the Whitewater FFA hosts it again during future years.

In addition to all the spectators who showed up, local sponsors which helped make this event possible included Banco Insurance, Culvers of Whitewater, Heussner Show Cattle, Coburn Co, and Triebold Implement. As a result of the great turnout, the Whitewater FFA will be donating $1000 checks to each of the Leo Ortiz and the Ricky Lopez-Navejas families. A big THANK YOU, goes out to so many people who worked together to make this night happen.